Eco Lighting Products

step by step process


ELP will provide a no obligation lighting energy audit.

Our team will survey your facility and develop an analysis of your existing lighting conditions, including foot candles, lumen output, kelvin & energy consumption of all fixtures at the facility.


Based on our findings, we will present an analysis and product recommendations. This detailed report will be broken out room to room, building to building, giving you the opportunity to review all your existing lighting energy consumption, with a comparison to energy consumption using our ELP Products . We will also make recommendations for your consideration regarding potential improvements in areas if needed.


Once area for testing has been decided, ELP will supply & install the necessary sample product(s) for that area.

Trial period will be agreed upon prior to install.


After the sample trial period, if requested, ELP & its engineers will provide any necessary customizations that are needed to the produtcs (ie: lumen output, color-rendering), in order to meet your requests.


This plan requires no out of pocket expenses on your part. You enjoy the full savings on completion of this program.


A lease purchase is a fixed-term obligation with equal monthly payments, with terms up to sixty months. At the end of the lease, the lessee has the option to buy the equipment for a one time fee of $1. Leases are eligible to receive federal and state tax incentives and rebates from your local utility company.


This program offers qualified clients a zero out of pocket expense with ability to create savings when upgrading to LED. Based on your energy audit and selected installation options we calculate your monthly energy cost savings. We then develop a plan that allows you to use a portion of these monthly savings to pay for the LED conversion, while still saving up to 25% on your lighting energy bill each month. Terms are from 3-5 years.


Energy savings rebate programs & tax-credits are available from a number of states and energy providers.
ELP can assist you though the process for any rebate options that are available in your area.


ELP will provide a detailed proposal based on the findings at your facility for your review. All ELP products are pre-qualified for all available financing options.


Our products come with a 1-5 year manufacturer warranty. We also offer a full service warranty to help expedite any issues you, the consumer, may have with a product. We keep items in inventory for just such a situation, in order to help eliminate down time with your return.

Warranties may vary depending upon manufacturer. Some of our product warranties include labor.


ELP offers a third party insurance policy that will cover all qualified product parts and labor. Policies are unique to each individual project .


ELP offers installation of all products. All installations are performed by registered, licensed and insured electricians.

Disclaimer: All above terms subject to change depending upon projects.